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It is very important to decide the proper menu for a party. We are providing some Menu ideas for Teachers Day party.

Teacher's Day Party Menu

Teachers guide and show their students, the real path of success. They groom their disciples to be truthful. Teachers instill the qualities of sincerity, honesty and humility in themselves and often set themselves as an epitome of humanity. They convert their students from just being human to humane. Teacher's Day is a special day dedicated to them. It is a wonderful opportunity for the students, to extend their sincere gratitude to their teachers for being an important part during the formative years of life. On the other hand, it is a glorious day for the teachers to share some light moments with their students. The day, which falls on different dates in different countries, is celebrated with great fanfare.

Partying, presenting gifts, dedicating songs, quotes and speeches to teachers have become important parts of the celebrations of Teacher's Day. When it comes to party, menu forms an inevitable part. Dining with your teachers would be a great experience for you, because you will get to recognize their varying tastes. It is also a nice way to spend quality time with them. So, delight the taste buds of your teachers, by including delicious food in the menu of Teacher's Day party. If you want some bright ideas about the party menu for Teacher's Day, then check out the following lines.

Menu Ideas For Teacher's Day

Appetizers for your Teacher's Day party should look, smell and taste good. It is suggested that you provide two to three varieties of appetizers. Spicy foods would best serve the purpose. For the party, you may choose from spring rolls, potato finger chips or chilly potatoes, salted peanuts, doughnuts, cottage cheese bites, non-veg or veg kebabs, sausages, cheese dip, tortilla rolls, etc.

Main Course
In the main course, you may serve pizza, pasta, noodles, hamburgers or sandwiches, with a tasty dip or side dish. You may include casserole dishes, baked shrimp, scallops, fried rice, stew etc., in the menu. You should provide a choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, so that everyone's taste is satisfied.

You may serve one or two varieties of cakes, pastries, puddings or ice cream as the dessert item for your Teacher's Day party. Make sure that the dessert tastes as enticing as it looks!

You would want to serve beverages to your guests, on Teacher's Day party. So, include a set of soft drinks and shakes, in the party menu. You may opt for one or two varieties of milkshakes, fruit juices or exotic mocktails. Serving aerated cool drinks is also a good idea. As far as the hot drinks are concerned, you may include soups, coffee and tea in the menu.