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Ample ways are available to celebrate Teacher's Day. Read on to get a few ideas on organising a Teacher's Day alumni meet.

Teacher's Day Alumni Meet

Though celebrated on different dates in different countries, Teacher's Day is indeed a day to celebrate the 'teacher', who is a guiding star in the life of a student. In Argentina, Teacher's Day is celebrated on September 11 to honor the death of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, while India celebrates Teacher's Day on September 5 to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Sarveppali Radhakrishnan. In all the countries, people find different ways of celebrating Teacher's Day. While some throw parties, some dress up as teachers and yet others gift pretty presents to their favorite tutors. What about the idea of celebrating Teacher's Day by conducting an alumni meet? There is no greater joy for a teacher than meeting her/his old students and cherishing the memories of the great teacher-student relationship. With a bit of effort and planning, you can conduct an alumni meet on Teacher's Day with interactive sessions and cultural activities. Read on to know more about how you can make this Teacher's Day alumni meet special.

Welcome Ceremony
Any event is incomplete without a welcome ceremony. On Teacher's Day, a grand alumni meet can be inaugurated with a grand welcome ceremony. Any authorized individual or the principal of the institution can give a speech on behalf of other teachers, students, parents and guests. Welcome ceremonies usually define the soul of other upcoming events of the meet. It is at this point, where teachers start feeling the vibes and the efforts put into getting together the event. Feel free to add your own personal touches for the welcome ceremony. Anything from a welcome dance, to welcome mementos or a bouquet can be presented.

A Retrospect
Once the welcome ceremony is complete, have the chairman/director/principal of the institution speak about the achievements of the teachers, the alumni and of the institution collectively. A thank you note on behalf of the students to the teachers might make them feel special for having played their role as mentors effectively and to a high standard.

Teacher-Student Interaction
Once the first two events are complete, leave the stage or the podium free for the teachers to come and reminisce or recall the good old days of teaching in the institution. Involve the students, and get them to talk about the experiences shared with the teachers, be it good or bad. even the teachers can speak about the experiences they shared with other teachers. In case there are teachers who have already retired, conducting a 'honoring ceremony' for the retired and veteran teachers is also a great option. Have fun and be creative with this third event. This is the only time you can freely interact with your teachers on an open platform. With this idea, your teachers are definitely going to cherish the moment.

Fun Activities
Teacher's Day alumni meet is not only about heavy, interactive sessions. Conducting cultural activities, game shows, dances and songs could add a dash of color to the mood and the feel of the event. Be creative and make presentations for your teachers, have dance shows, quizzes and other interesting activities that will grab the attention of the audience. How about conducting an awards ceremony in the honor of the teachers with regard to the roles they performed at schools? This light-hearted scenario would help make all the students aware of the role of the teachers and the immense efforts they shoulder for the betterment of the institution. With a little merriment, your favorite teachers are in for a special delight!

Parental Cooperation
Parent-teacher relationship must form a major part of Teacher's Day and the alumni meet. Organize an interactive session between the parents and the teachers and have them interact with each over a speech or two. In short, the alumni meet must involve parents, students and faculty who are the three most important elements of an academic institution. Not only will this be fun for your teachers, but your parents will also have the chance to open up and share their thoughts on the event.

No event is complete without food - a lot of it! The menu for alumni Teachers' Day should be diverse, scrumptious and filling. This should ideally include appetizers, main course, desserts and beverages. ensure that the food satisfies all palettes at the event. Make sure that the menu comprises of varied types of food such as vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian courses, for the right balance.

Vote Of Thanks
It is always good to end an alumni event with a vote of thanks from the principal/chairperson and students, thanking all those who have been part of the function, and in particular, thanking the teachers for being such an inherent part of the institution and the students' lives.

By now you would have realized that an alumni meet is probably a great idea! Not only is it fun, it is also a great way to evoke fond memories and cherish them with a larger audience. Feel free to add more events or ideas to make this Teacher's Day a colorful one. All the best!