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Are you running short of ideas about what to gift on teacher's day? Read on to discover different, yet fabulous Teacher's Day craft gift ideas for your toddlers to give to their favorite teachers.

Teacher's Day Craft Ideas For Toddlers

There is no particular definition of a teacher. The definitions for teachers vary and are too vast to comprehend. You can call them guiding forces, mentors or people who play vital roles in carving yours or your child's future. A teacher devotes his/her time and life to enlighten a student, and guides the students on the path to a brighter future. Teachers also play a pivotal role in the attempt to uplift the society educationally and morally. It is the responsibility of a student to thank his/her teacher for all the support and encouragement. Teacher's Day is one such occasion where every student gets an opportunity to thank their teachers for everything they have done. If you are having troubles about what to gift your toddler's teachers this year, continue reading. We have lined up some exclusive gift ideas to give as a gift for these special people your toddlers call 'teacher'! They are simple and quick to make!

Greeting Cards
Now make a homemade card for your toddler's favorite teacher this Teacher's Day. All you need is a plain white sheet of paper, glue, scissors and of course colored markers to decorate the card. On the front page of the card, use your imagination and feel free to draw flowers, animals, shapes or anything of your choice. For a little more creativity, you can cut out colorful pictures from magazines or paste stickers on the card.

Use the colored paper you have and cut out your toddler's favorite designs to stick them on the inside of the card with glue. From glitter to artistic drawings, crafting a greeting card for your kid's teacher can never be so much fun. Don't forget to write your child's personal message on the inside of the card. After all, it will only add to the personal touch. Isn't it easy to create?

Creating bookmarks are simple and fun! You might just have all the stationery you need to make this bookmark in your drawer! You will need thick, colored paper; preferably two of your child's favorite colors. Draw a few simple shapes of fishes, flowers or a star on one colored paper, and cut out the shapes with your scissors. Take the other colored paper and cut out a perfect rectangle that resembles a bookmark. Stick the shapes onto the rectangle, and voila you have your very own bookmark! In order to make the tag for the bookmark, you will have to punch a hole at the top of the bookmark, and use a ribbon to form a tassel. The bookmark is now ready! Give it to your child to present the bookmarks to his/her favorite teachers. For exclusivity, you can also write the name of the teachers in a decorative manner.

Paper Bouquets
For this year teacher's day, do you want to gift your kid's teacher something beautiful and unique? How about making a paper bouquet? These bouquets not only look beautiful but are quick to make and last longer than real flower bouquets. You will need tissue paper, scissors, pipe cleaner and crayons. You are all set to create your very own paper bouquet. Using the tissue paper, cut at least eight square shapes measuring 3 ½ X 3 ½ inch. Take the crayons and start coloring two opposite side of each square. Next, place the square shaped piece on a flat surface with uncolored edges at the top and bottom. Start folding the top of squares in the way you fold a paper fan.

Make sure the pleats are just about half an inch in width. Using the same method, fold the rest of the squares in a similar manner. With the aid of the pipe cleaner, bend one of its ends to form a hook. The hook will act as a stem for the flowers you have created with the squares. Fasten the pleated squares on the hook and twist the pleats. At last, twist the petals ninety degrees near the stem to open up the flower to full bloom. Voila!! Your paper bouquet is ready to give as gift to your kid's teacher.

With these fun and easy instructions, surprise your teachers with creative gifts which they will cherish forever. Involve your toddlers in this fun activity for a personal touch! The teachers are bound to feel special with these ready-to-go craft ideas that are fun, simple and easy on the pocket!