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Calendars are not just meant for hanging on the walls of homes or offices, but are great gifts for teachers on Teacher's Day. Read on to know more about calendar gift ideas.

Teacher's Day Calendar Ideas

With Teacher's Day knocking on the door, students might be in dilemma about what to give as a gift to their favorite teachers. With so many gifting options available it might become a bit difficult and confusing as to what to gift them on Teacher's Day this year. Do not worry. With a few of these ideas, you are bound to give the best surprise for your beloved teachers this year. Why not opt for a unique gift this Teacher's Day? This year, gift your teacher something distinctive and useful that your teacher will appreciate for a very long time. A calendar can be a great gift this Teacher's Day, as almost every individual uses a calendar. This is one of the best ways to convey your gratitude to your teachers whom you truly appreciate for putting in so much effort. It is not just the gift, but the thought behind the gift that a teacher will appreciate. Keep reading the article to know more about the different types of calendars available and which calendar is the best gifting option.

Calendar Gift Ideas

You may have tonnes of ideas for gift options this Teacher's Day, but gifting your teacher a calendar is thoughtful and unique. If you are unsure of the type of calendar to give away as a gift, read on. This article has lined up some fabulous calendar gift ideas that you can consider.

Wall Calendar
Wall calendars are the perfect solution for the dilemma you are facing to choose an appropriate calendar. This month-to-month calendar includes is a type of calendar that has many different uses and almost every household uses these calendars. Wall calendars make a perfect gift for teacher's day. They will not just play their role as beautiful piece of wall art but will also enable your teacher to pen down important events or dates to remember every month. Take your pick from themed wall calenders, to animal wall calendars or teacher's day-inspired calendars. Calendars with themes are known to have therapeutic power; a glance at the portrait or landscape will capture your attention and its serenity will revive your senses in the midst of any busy schedule.

Desk Calendars
Desk calenders are great gifting options for your teachers or your principal with large desks. These calendars work as a constant reminder of the time passing by and help a great deal in keeping individuals organized. With a desk calendar your teachers can keep track of all the conferences, meetings, conventions, or any other important events in an organized manner. These types of calendars can be used on any flat surface. Desk calendars make great gifting items and can be displayed on a desk, shelf, office tables or at home. If you want to add a personal touch to the desk calendar, you can personalize the calendar with personal messages, photos or your teacher's favorite quotations.

Notecard Calendars
Add a personal touch to these notecard calendars. Make your Teacher's Day count with a customized calendar. Add your school trip photo, class photo or any memorable photo of you and your teachers along with personal messages for every month. Notecard calendars are one of the few types that are extremely versatile to work with in terms of customization. You can also design these calendars on your own from the scratch! If you do not want to design your own notecard calendar, opt for one that is easily available in the market with many different printing options, various sizes and folding options.

Planner Calendars
Planner calendars are smaller when compared to wall calendars, which makes it a perfect gift for teachers who are always on the move. These can be toted from place to place easily and also fit bags or briefcases comfortably. If you want to gift your teacher something useful, unique and something that they will really appreciate, then there is no better option than gifting a planner calendar. These are available in the form of booklets in many different sizes and binding options. Along with being a regular calendar, planner calendars help your teachers plan for important events and schedules the entire year. Use your imagination and add a bit of 'you' to the calendar. You can either stick a class photo or a personal photo of you and your teacher on the calendar

Pocket Calendar
One of the smallest calendars available, pocket calendars are the ideal gifting options for teachers who are constantly on the move. These can also be lugged in bags, briefcases and laptop cases and do not necessarily have to be hung on a wall or kept on the desk. As the name suggests, pocket calendars are designed to fit pockets. Although these calendars are small in size, they are extremely effective in terms of managing important dates, marking events and moreover, will always remind your teachers of you.

Make your teacher feel special this Teacher's Day. Thank them for all the support and effort they have put in to educate and guide you. With a bit of imagination and the zeal to make your teacher's feel loved, grab or design that perfect calendar and brighten the day of your beloved teachers on Teacher's Day.