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An appropriate gift for your teacher is a pen. We will tell you, how to make ribbon pens, a simple craft for Teacher's Day.

Ribbon Pen

A teacher is someone who is the guiding light and motivational factor behind one's success. Right from the time one gains consciousness, one comes across teachers of various kinds. Many of them are like the selfless souls who completely devote their life to the success of their students. On the occasion of teacher's day, it is thus very important to honor the efforts of such teachers. Though no materialistic than reciprocate their dedications and selflessness, a little effort to make them feel special would certainly be praiseworthy. You can thus put in little time and effort to make something special for them. What better than a pen can you gift a teacher? Read on to know how to make a simple craft for Teacher's Day, a Ribbon Pen.

How to make Ribbon Pens:

Things Required: