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You can make a flowerpot for you teacher. The method of how to make this Teacher's Day gift craft is given below.

Flower Pot

Teachers are the guide and mentors of one's life. The definition of a teacher is very wide; one can not limit it to the subject teacher itself. Anyone who guides and mentors one's life is a teacher. So, a teacher is someone who is the inspiration behind one's success. A teacher is selfless human being who devotes his entire life towards the upliftment of society and people. On the occasion of teacher's day, present your teacher with some wonderful gift to reciprocate his devotion towards success in your life. As money can't reciprocate his devotion and dedication, devote a little time and efforts to create something for your teacher by your own hands. Read on to make a Teacher's Day gift craft, a Flower Pot.

How to make Flower Pot:

Things Required