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"To Sir, with Love" is a novel written by e.R. Braithwaite. It is a Top Selling Teacher's Day Book.

To Sir With Love

Teaching is a very challenging profession to take up. One has to act responsible, mature and be knowledgeable, to impart education to others. He/she should not only pass on his/her academic knowledge, but also develop the morale of the students. It is the duty and moral responsibility of the teachers to recognize the talent of their students. In addition to this, they should also develop cordial relationship with their students. When teacher and his/her students share a very strong bond, their relationship grows up from just being instructor and follower. The relationship becomes even stronger, way beyond the four walls of classroom.

Nonetheless, one should not forget that like any other relationship, the bond between teacher and students is also very sensitive. Understanding, trust, affection and mutual respect together form the foundation for the relationship between teacher and students. Although we say that teacher is at the receiving end, when it comes to respect, students should also be given their due admiration. This is because all the efforts would go waste, unless and until the teacher creates a rapport with his/her students. On the other hand, the students should learn to respect their teacher, to gain the maximum knowledge. It should be remembered that knowledge could be deciphered only with mutual understanding and respect.

Since books are the direct link between teachers and students, many authors have expressed their thoughts and opinions about the relationship, through their novels and short stories. While some have given their own life's experiences, others have dealt with the general problems occurring between teachers and their students and have given possible solution for the same. 'To Sir, with Love' is one such book, which depicts the ups and downs in the relationship of a teacher and his students. Check out the synopsis of the book, in the lines below.

The novel 'To Sir With Love' is written by e.R. Braithwaite. It is one of the top selling Teacher's Day books. The story of the book was filmed as a British movie, by James Clavell. In the novel, the author portrays the difference faces of human beings. The story tells us the fact that human beings are adapt to the environment as well as change their way of thinking, dynamically. In the novel, both the teacher Braithewaite and his students go through a sea-change in their character. These changes lead to a change in the perception about each other. The novel shows the ability to adapt to the world around one's self as a very common human trait.

In the story, Braithewaite begins with a set of preconceived notions about his students. However, later, he finds that they are the total opposites of his initial ideas. Braithewaite helps them to break out of the pattern of intolerance and roughness into which society had placed them. They began to respect themselves as well as the others. In short, both the teacher and his students change their way of thinking and do not get stuck in their original set of preconceived notions about each other. This book would be the best bet, to read with your teacher, on Teacher's Day. It is definite that many of you would even relate this book to your own lives.