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"Never Fade Away" is an ideal Teacher's Day book written by William Hart.

Never Fade Away

In our busy lives, we may not be able to connect to all those people, who have been an influential part of our lives. This is the reason why special days are dedicated to honor relations with our loved ones, including mother, father and of course, teacher. Teacher's Day is a wonderful occasion to honor the divine profession of teaching and the people who excel in it. Although the day is observed on different dates in different countries, it has a sole aim - to show teachers how much important they are, in our lives. Gifts are essential part of every celebration and Teacher's Day is no exception. On this day, students purchase attractive presents to their teachers, to show their honor and respect to them.

Homemade greeting cards stand out of the crowd, while presents including flower bouquets, gift baskets, jewelry box, pen, photo frame have always been rated as the best. Books cannot be ruled out, because they form an integral part of the relationship between teachers and students. Books establish a direct link between them. Hence, to uphold this beautiful relationship, you can choose books as the Teacher's Day presents for your teacher. If you are looking for a bestseller to bestow upon your teacher, 'Never Fade Away', authored by William Hart, would be the best bet. Go through the synopsis of the book, given below.

In 'Never Fade Away', the author William Hart portrays a typical scenario in higher education. The book is about corruption in the California university system, in the way the immigrant students studying there are treated. The students are not only misunderstood, but also treated indifferently. The main narrator of the book is depicted as an english teacher, John Goddard, who is a veteran of the war in Vietnam. The second narrator is one of his students - Tina Le. She is Vietnamese, a survivor of a horrific escape from Vietnam. She is alone in California haunted by the loss of her family.

The story unfolds, as the teacher and the student alternately tell the story of their relationship and Goddard's fight against the system, with Tina Le caught in the middle of the battle. John Goddard's story is one of a frustrated teacher, hating the bureaucratic system and his colleagues, but dedicated to his students and their success. Thus, he becomes a hero amongst the students. On the other hand, the rest of the faculty at this institution feels that he is coddles the students, who don't have the potential to succeed as evidenced by their scores in the introductory english classes. This is really a story about the use and abuse of power in higher education, where faculty members have all the power and students have none.