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"The Finishing School" is a practical Teacher's Day book written by Muriel Spark.

Finishing School

Teachers play a multi-faceted role in our lives. They assume the role of a caretaker when we are kids, a strict instructor at our teenage and a pal, as we grow older. Teachers witness the way we grow and develop from childhood to adulthood. Since the formative years of our lives are spent with teachers, they get to know every change in our behavior. They have the special ability to read our minds and if in problem, and help without being asked to do so. In addition to this, they have the quality of identifying the hidden talents in their students, and sharpen it, to produce fruitful results.

At educational institutions, they not only produce doctors, engineers, journalists and other 'prominent' figures, but also give good human beings and responsible citizens to the society. In return, they would expect nothing but appreciation from our side. On one hand, when teachers uphold their students' achievements, dig out their talent and nurture them, many others, unfortunately, live in contradiction with the general perception of teachers. Like any other relationship, ego clashes do exist between many teachers and their students, in this present modern world. This has been captured by many authors around the world, who have tried to depict the 'other side' of the relationship.

'The Finishing School' is the twenty-second novel of Muriel Spark. Spark's well-drawn characters and eloquent writing has made this book worth being a valuable addition to your home's library. The book is based on the present day scenario and is best suited for Teacher's Day. Read on to explore the synopsis of the book 'Finishing School'. The book 'Finishing School' unfolds the story of Rowland Mahler and his wife - Nina and their student - Chris Wiley. They are the directors of College Sunrise, a private school in Switzerland. Rowland teaches creative writing course in the school.

The seventeen-year old youth - Chris Wiley, an important character in the novel, enrolls into the school, for the sole purpose of writing a novel and does not attend classes. As Rowling flips through the first few pages of Chris's novel, he is surprised at how good he is at writing. Rowling becomes jealous of ambitious Chris, because he is not able to write his own novel. Jealous of his talent, Rowling tries to hobble Chris's career, before it even gets started. Nonetheless, Chris overcomes Rowling's jealousy.

Consequently, the two of them are caught up in cycle of codependency. They develop an emotion of rivalry, which drives them to finish their respective books. Notwithstanding the attitude of Rowling, Nina decides to leave him. In the mean time, Nina begins an affair with a neighbor. The novel is a comedic look at jealousy, and the follies of both the young and old. It is a must-read for both teachers and students.