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"Dangerous Friend" is a popular Teacher's Day book on Vajrayana Buddhism, written by Rig'dzin Dorje.

Dangerous Friend

The divine relationship between a teacher and a student is beyond comparison. Teachers affect their students' lives in a number of ways. They not just provide the academic knowledge to their disciples, but also groom them to become a better person, a responsible citizen and dig out all their inborn talents. Teachers take it as a challenge to nurture their students in a protected and caring atmosphere. This is the reason, why in the midst of celebrations, a day known as Teacher's Day, is especially dedicated to them. People in different countries celebrate the auspicious occasion in myriad ways.

Partying, having lunch or dinner with their teacher, organizing cultural programs at educational institutions and bestowing gifts upon them have become a customary for Teacher's Day. If you are searching for a useful gift for your teacher, books would best serve the purpose. Since teacher is a person who demands more respect than the expression of love, you need to choose a book that best expresses the divine relationship between you and him/her. Make sure that the book you present to him/her is based on the theme of the relationship between teacher and student.

One such book is "Dangerous Friend", which offers an in-depth exploration of this mysterious and complex bond. Written by Rig'dzin Dorje, 'Dangerous Friend' is a popular Teacher's Day book, includes discussions on meeting and recognizing an ideal teacher, understanding the seriousness of entering the teacher-student relationship, shifting one's approach from spiritual materialism to genuine Buddhist practice and accepting the challenge of being truly kind, honest and brave. Go through the synopsis of the book 'Dangerous Friend', given in the following lines.

The book 'Dangerous Friend' gives a comprehensive explanation of the importance of understanding and living the role of a student as well as teacher. The author also explains the crucial relationship of a teacher and student, by providing quotes from the beginning of Tantra in Tibet to Padmasambhava in the eight century. The author also includes anecdotes from his own life, and expresses his relation with his teachers - Ngak'chang Rinpoche and Khandro Dechen. The references to his teachers clearly convey his own devotion to them.

'Dangerous Friend' leaves a message to the reader. It highlights the responsibility of a teacher to transmit a student positively. On the other hand, as a student it is one's moral responsibility to meet the challenge of carrying on the lineage of teachings. The book upholds the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, according to which, a student should have complete faith on his/her teacher, if he/she wants to achieve anything in life. As a book, 'Dangerous Friend' imparts knowledge about the relationship between teacher and the student to the reader. Thus, the book can serve as a gift for your teacher, to cherish for the lifetime.