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Drinking wine during the festival of Passover is regarded as a holy ritual for all the followers and believers. Read on to explore the kosher wine for Pesach.

Passover Wine

Pesach celebrations can be regarded as almost incomplete without the use of kosher wine. In fact, gifting of wine during the festival has almost become like a custom among the followers and the believers. This is partly due to the fact that the liquor plays an important role in the observation, particularly during the Seder meal, with its 4 cups and the additional 'Cup of Eliyahu'. Every year, Israeli wine manufacturers invest millions for the development and production of new varieties of wine. As a result of such efforts, the natives and the local Israeli people get a good share of some of the most prestigious and locally made Kosher wines.

Passover Holiday Wine
A spirit of joy and togetherness prevails during the season of Passover. Everyone is in a merry mood and followers wait in anticipation for the occasion to arrive. Quite often, family members and friends spend some quality time together, over a nice glass of wine. Very popular among the locals are kosher wines from Israel. This is particularly because of the fact that these wines are based on the rules of "halacha". As per this rule, all the stages of wine production must be done methodically, like the grapes must not be collected from a vineyard before three years of age. Also, the grapes must not be grown in the same field as others fruits and vegetables.

By ensuring that the wines are kosher made, Jews not only make sure that they celebrate Pesach festival in the traditional way, but also get to sample some of the most unique and authentic wine flavor that can be found only in Israel. Thus, clearly it is seen that Israeli wine is the best for celebrating Passover and for the matter of fact, any other festival. These wine are unique in their own way and can, in fact, be tough competition to some of the finest brands of wine in the world. Four cups of wine are used during the Seder meal, primarily to symbolize the four distinct redemptions promised by the Lord to the Hebrews.

As mentioned in the Shemot or the Exodus, the four promises of the Lord includes (1) "I will take you out of Egypt", (2) "I will deliver you from Egyptian slavery", (3) "I will redeem you with a demonstration of my power", and (4) "I will acquire you as a nation". As an honor to this, four cups of wine are consumed during four different points of the Seder meal. Apart from this, there is a fifth cup called the 'Cup of Elijah', which is reserved for Elijah the Prophet. It is a popular belief that the Prophet visits each and every house in which the Passover Seder takes place. This Passover, dwell in the true essence of the festival and sample some of the finest Kosher wines by visiting the Holy land of Israel.