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Passover messages help Jews lead a life of honor & respect. For your better understanding, we have listed a brief idea of the message of Jewish Pesach.

Passover Message

While celebrating festivals, we always look at the "enjoyment factor". However, we should also remember that every festival has a meaning behind it - a message that needs to be conveyed and an underneath goal that should be portrayed to the world. Often, we tend to forget this and overlook the significance behind the rituals and customs. We should remember that it is these messages that give a meaning to the festival celebrations. The same is true for Passover as well. It is a beautiful Jewish festival that revolves around certain human qualities, like courage, valor, freedom and honesty. The occasion has a lot to convey to the young and the immature. It seeks to mould their young minds, making them inculcate some basic human traits. Whether educating them about the customs and traditions of the festival or giving them an insight about the real underlying meaning, it is vital to convey the message of Passover. Read on to get a better idea about the underlying messages of the Jewish holiday.

Passover Holiday Message
Freedom and independence - these words mean a lot for every human being. They are the core aspects that enable us to lead a respected and honored life. In fact, they can be regarded as the basic foundation of human existence. Battles have been fought and wars raged - to lead a life of free-will and liberty. A brief go-through the story of Moses gives a clear picture about this unique human trait. It was the inherent desire for freedom that lead the Hebrews to rebel against the tyranny and dictatorship of the Pharaoh of Egypt. The entire story, from their mutiny against the Egyptian ruler to their discovery of the 'Land of Hope' is an unending saga of valor and courage. And all of this was to lead a life of respect and freedom. Such concepts and values are very essential to teach and nurture young human minds and prevent them from going astray.

Another important trait that the festival of Pesach conveys to the masses is never to fear and stand up for what you believe is right. Allowing any form of suppression on yourself is as much a crime as carrying out the act of suppressing yourself. This is the first step towards leading a repressed life. So, the story of Passover needs to be narrated to one and all, to encourage them to lead an honest and respected life. One human trait cannot be inculcated without the incorporation of another. Basically, this is like a chain reaction, where one leads to the other. A deep understanding of the story of Pesach is vital to demonstrate the qualities of courage and bravery to the masses. Thus, this way, it is seen that Passover sends a clear message to people all over to develop traits that will give them a meaning and reason for living.