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Make this Passover special for your friends and family by giving them unique gifts. Given here are some interesting and unique ideas on presents for Pesach.

Passover Gifts

Passover is celebrated on the 14th day of Nissan (usually the end of March or the beginning of April), to honor the historic freedom of the Hebrews, from the land of ancient Egypt. The entire festival is a seven-day celebration and is spent amidst a whirlpool of events, like prayers, feasting and parties. Jewish families everywhere decorate their houses and sumptuous meals are prepared for the Passover Seder meal. An important aspect of the festival is the rituals that are observed especially during the Seder time. This includes readings from the Holy Haggadah, the chanting of blessings, reading of festive stories like the 'Four Sons', and the recital of some popular Pesach hymns and songs.

Another important custom that is observed during the Seder feasts is the exchange of gifts among friends and family, the traditional ones being small packages of fruits and sweets. Gifting of kosher wines is also quite common during the festive season. However, if you are deciding on food items, there is a wide array of options to choose from, starting from matzah chocolates and crackers to cookies, pastries and even briskets. Add them to a bouquet of beautiful flowers and you will have the best Pesach gift for your loved ones. Other common gifts include decorative pieces, dinnerware, Seder plates, wine glasses and table centerpieces. To help you in shopping for Pesach gifts this year, we have compiled a list of some very unique and exquisite ideas in the lines below. Go through them and decide on your presents in advance.

Pesach Gift Ideas
Other very popular and interesting Passover gift items are: