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Passover quotes take us into a different world of self-contemplation and realization. Check out some popular quotations on Pesach holiday.

Passover Quotes

A unique saga of freedom and unimaginable valor, a chronicle narrating the rising and revolt of the Jewish community against the tyranny and dictatorship of the Pharaoh of Egypt - that's Passover! The festival is a constant reminder to the entire community about the struggle that their ancestors had to face, to create the Land of Hope and Joy. The celebration starts on the 14th day of the month of Nissan, when friends and family get together to spend some time in the understanding and appreciation of their ancient customs and rituals. The entire occasion is spent amidst enjoyment and merry making. Lip smacking dishes are prepared and the entire house is wafted in its aroma. A unique sense of tranquility prevails as the followers and worshippers gather to dwell in the real meaning of the rituals. Many people have tried to capture the true essence of Passover through beautiful quotes and phrases. Even the Bible has beautiful words en-phrased in honor of the celebration. Read on to know some of these popular quotations on Pesach holiday.

Popular Passover Quotes