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This article is a description of the different names associated with the Passover holiday. Read on to know more about the names of Pesach.

Passover Names

The name that is traditionally associated with the story of exodus of the Hebrews is Passover. Prior to the recordings of the story of exodus in the Holy Book, Passover actually comprised of two festivals, which were observed by the Hebrews. One of them was called the Chag-Ha-Pesach, which meant the "Festival of the Pesach" in Hebrew and the other was Chag Ha-Matzot, which meant the "Festival of Unleavened Bread" in Hebrew. Both of these festivals were observed during the springtime and had no connection with the historical events of exodus. The arrival of the spring season was celebrated by the Jews by giving offerings (lamb) to the Lords. Because of this, the festival was called the 'Festival of Pesach' (Pesach means lamb in Hebrew). The other festival i.e. 'Festival of Unleavened Bread' got associated with the story of Moses later on. It marked the beginning of the harvest season. The main ritual that the farmers observed in this festival was the removal of all kinds of fermented agents, which were used for the purpose of raising bread. Later, both of these festivals were merged together as one and celebrated as beginning on the 15th day of the month of Nissan. Thus, Passover came to known by different names, such as 'Spring Festival', 'Holiday of Freedom', 'Festival of Pesach' and the 'Festival of Unleavened Bread', and so on

Different Names Of Passover