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The 10 plagues of Egypt were used by the Lord to teach Egyptians a lesson in humanity. Given here is detailed information on ten plagues of Passover/Pesach.

Passover Plagues

As per the story of Exodus, all the residents of the ancient land of Egypt faced the wrath of the Lord, when they refused to release the enslaved Hebrews. As an answer to the tyranny of the Egyptian rulers, the Hebrew Lord delivered a message to the Egyptians - that no amount of power or authority can be greater than the All Supreme. Hence, any kind of domination over the enslaved Hebrews should be removed at once and that they should be granted total independence. However, the adamant Pharaoh refused to heed to the instructions and continued his own sweet way. As an answer to this, the Lord sent ten devastating plagues all over Egypt. This was done to teach Egyptians a lesson in humanity - that every human being deserves to live a life of honor and respect. Read on to know more about the ten plagues of Egypt.

Ten Plagues Of Pesach

Plague 1 (Blood)
This was the first of the plagues delivered by the Lord upon the ancient land of Egypt. Here, the entire water in the river Nile was transformed into blood, for a total of seven days. This caused the death of millions of fish and also left the Egyptians with water that was undrinkable.

Plague 2 (Frogs)
In this plague, the Lord created a swarm of frogs that sprang forth from the heart of the river Nile and covered the entire land of Egypt. This created a lot of trouble, as each and every house in the land was infested by this massive swarm of frogs.

Plague 3 (Lice)
The plagues were gradually growing worse and this fact became evident by the third plague. In this, the Lord created millions of lice out of handfuls of dust. They were then sent as a plague upon the land and irritated the skin of the people and the animals.
Plague 4 (Dog Flies)
The fourth plague was a plague of dog flies that was created by the Lord to affect the ancient land. These flies attached themselves to the eyelids of the people and caused a lot of trouble.

Plague 5 (Murrain)
The fifth plague attacked the cattle of the region and killed them eventually. The term 'murrain' means cattle plague and it affected most of the Egyptian cattle. Strangely enough, the Hebrew cattle were not affected.

Plague 6 (Boils)
The sixth plague caused terror in the minds of the Egyptians, as boils erupted all over their. This caused immensely difficulty for them while walking and even standing. Moreover, these boils were very painful to endure and the Egyptians suffered a lot because of them.

Plague 7 (Hail)
In this plague, the Lord created the worst hailstorm ever seen on the face of earth. Every living creature in the land - people, animals and birds - suffered as a result of this. The entire region was severely damaged, due to damaged agricultural products.

Plague 8 (Locusts)
Here, locusts were created by the Lord, which covered the entire land of Egypt and infested the houses. All the plants that were left over from the devastating effects of the hailstorm were destroyed by these locusts. They were so many in number that the entire sky darkened because of them.

Plague 9 (Darkness)
The one thing that every living creature has a fear of is the dark and this was what the ninth plague was all about. The Lord created immense darkness all over the land of Egypt. It was so dark that one could even feel the darkness. For a total of three days, the entire land was enveloped in pitch darkness, such that no one dared to leave the premises of his/her house. The houses of Hebrews, on the other hand, were filled with light.

Plague 10 (Death of the First Born)
The tenth plague finally led to the breakdown of the merciless Pharaoh of Egypt. The devastating plague involved the slaying of the first born of every Egyptian family. Even the first-born of the Pharaoh met with the same fate and created the greatest emotional outcry from the Egyptian masses.