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Passover poems are a beautiful way to express the religious sentiments associated with this festival. Read on to know more on Pesach poetry.

Passover Poems

Passover is a religious holiday of the Jews, which is celebrated to commemorate their emancipation from slavery under the Egyptian pharaoh. The Exodus from Egypt and the freedom won by the Israelites, as mentioned in the Hebrew bible, is honored with the celebration of this festive occasion. The holiday extends over a week and Jews across the world get along with their respective families to revel in the glory of Passover. It is one of the most beloved Jewish festivals and is marked with merriment that continues for an entire week. Like any other festival, there are several poems themed on Passover as well, which express the religious sentiments associated with this occasion beautifully.

Passover poems are galore and one can pen these well-meaning and thought-provoking poems in greeting cards, to send Passover wishes to the celebrators. These poems can also be framed and handed over as a Passover gift to your loved ones. You can also tell recite Pesach poetry at the family gathering, over the Seder. These poems are very inspiring and motivating and reflect upon the difficulties faced by the Jews during their enslavement in Egypt. They also praise the might of the Holy God, who helped Jews to escape the Egyptian army by parting the Red sea and paving the way for them to win their freedom. In a nutshell, Passover poems convey the essence of this deeply religious festival in a heart-moving manner.

Children Passover Poems
Any festival that does not include the cheerful presence of kids and young children can be almost regarded as incomplete. Their enthusiasm, eagerness and zeal make the celebrations all the more worthwhile. They fill the entire environment with life and energy, which makes every moment enjoyable and pleasant.

Christian Passover Poems
Passover is one of the most important Jewish festivals. It is a commemoration of the freedom and independence of the Hebrews, from the domination and repression of the Pharaohs of Egypt. The festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm and zeal by the Jewish community.