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Want to know some interesting and fun facts about Passover holiday? Read on to explore some Pesach trivia, as given here.

Passover Facts

Passover is a celebration of the freedom and liberty of the Jewish community, from an era of unimaginable tyranny and autocracy. It deals with the struggle that the Hebrews went through, to reach and create the 'Land of Hope and Promise'. To honor this, every year, thousands of followers and believers observe the occasion of Pesach and organize parties and get-togethers. Mouth-watering dishes are prepared, houses are decorated and beautiful gifts are bought and exchanged. However, there is a lot to know and learn about the festival, apart from the sumptuous meals and gala parties. To give you a better insight about the different aspects of the festival, certain interesting facts have been cited below. Go through them and get amazed by some fun Pesach trivia that many people do not know about.

Passover Holiday Facts