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Passover is a festive occasion marked with celebrations and feasting. Read on to find some quick and easy recipes for Pesach.

Passover Recipes

Passover is a Jewish religious festival, celebrated to commemorate the Exodus of Jews from Egypt. It honors their freedom from the chains of slavery and oppression by the Egyptian emperor. Passover is one of the most popular and beloved festivals of the Jews and they eagerly await the arrival of this religiously festive week. The Jewish communities eat, pray and make merry during Passover. Traditional foods and delectable delicacies are cooked in the Jewish households, which are enjoyed in the company of family and friends. As with any other festival, feasting hogs much of the limelight in Passover too.

Food is a major aspect of the Pesach festivities as Seder, the ritual feast, is associated with a deep religious symbolism. In fact, every food item at the Seder table is symbolic of the suffering and oppression faced by the Jews at the hands of the Egyptian pharaoh and describes how they escaped this dreadful situation with the help of God. It is due to the symbolism of most of the Passover dishes assume immense importance on this festival. Delicious dishes are cooked by the Jews for feasting and making the most of the jovial occasion. Under the Jewish dietary laws, only kosher (permitted) foods can be consumed during the Passover week. In this section, we will help you explore some easy and quick recipes for Pesach.

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