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On the Occasion of Mother's Day, dedicate the poetry in this article to thank your Grandma to thank her for selfless love and support.

Mothers Day Poems For Grandmas

The days spent with our Grandma in the countryside are the memories that we cherish the most throughout our life. We remember her as an angel with golden grey hairs and a gentle smile on her face. Though she may have now grown too old now to speak, her stories of good and devil and her words of wisdom are the real guiding lights in our life. Her love is extremely pure and pious, sans any expectations, may be this is why to most of us she seems like a fairy. She is the one who does not know to disagree with your choices and can't ever deny our demands. On the occasion of Mother's Day, we can't forget to than our Grandma's selfless love. Here are the few poetry which express it the best.

Grandma's Lil' Girl
Grandma, I was thinking of you today and a smile tickled my face.
Remembering all the things you taught me, like always to say grace.
I remember sitting in your lap while you read the Bible out loud,
To hear me sing a gospel song made you so proud.
I thought of those Saturday mornings I watched them fix your hair,
I remember crossing the street and hearing, Girl you better stop right there!!!
I remember the goodness you instilled in me though' sometimes it doesn't show,
You played a very special part in my life and I thought that you should know....
My childhood is filled with memories of you that you couldn't buy with all the gold in the world,
And even though' I am all grown up, at heart I will always be Grandma's lil' girl!!!

Grandmas Wings
Grandma I wonder
where you keep your wings.
Are they hung in your closet
with the rest of your things?

Do you put them away
and just use them at night
or give them to Rosie
to polish up bright.

I know you have wings,
for this must be true,
'cause God always gives
them to Angels just like you.

Nana's Little Angel
Nana you are special
Your love knows no bounds
A room takes special warmth whenever you're around
You think I'm cute and talented and maybe even wise
But I know that's why all grandparents see though loving eyes
Every day with you is precious
I'm so grateful for the time
Of all the grandparents in the world I'm thankful that you're mine