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Reciting poem on Mother's Day is a favorite activity of children. Read on to explore some Mother's Day poems for kids.

Mother's Day Poems For Kids

The mother-child relationship is the most beautiful of all the relationships in this world. The innocence of a child and the purity of a mother is an unparalleled combination. Mom loves her child unconditionally and understands all his needs even before he starts speaking. Child also completely depends on his mom for everything. She is the whole world for him/her. On Mother's Day, children try to make their mom feel special by doing special things. Reciting poetry is one of the most favorite activities performed by kids. Below we are providing some poems which kids can recite to their mom on Mother's Day.

Children Poems For Mother's Day

When Mother Says
When mother says, "Do this," or "that,"
Don't say, "What for?" and "Why?"
But let her hear your gentle voice
Say, "Mother dear, I'll try."
 By Charles J. Barnes

Mother's Eyes
What are the songs the mother sings?
Of birds and flowers and pretty things;
Baby lies in her arms and spies
All his world in the mother's eyes.

What are the tales the mother tells?
Of gems and jewels and silver bells;
Baby lies in her arms and spies
All his wealth in the mother's eyes.

What are the thoughts in the mother's mind?
Of the gentle Saviour, loving and kind;
Baby lies in her arms and spies
All his heaven in the mother's eyes.
By Mary D.B.Hull

The Fairy Book
When Mother takes the Fairy Book
And we curl up to hear,
'Tis "All aboard for Fairyland!"
Which seems to be so near.

For soon we reach the pleasant place
Of Once Upon a Time,
Where birdies sing the hour of day,
And flowers talk in rhyme;

Where Bobby is a velvet Prince,
And where I am a Queen;
Where one can talk with animals,
And walk about unseen;

Where Little People live in nuts,
And ride on butterflies,
And wonders kindly come to pass
Before your very eyes;

Where candy grows on every bush,
And playthings on the trees,
And visitors pick basketfuls
As often as they please.

It is the nicest time of day -
Though Bedtime is so near, -
When Mother takes the Fairy Book
And we curl up to hear.
By Abby Farwell Brown

Baby Reading to Her Mother
She is tired of her dolly,
and tired of her play,
And she thinks she will read
to her mother today.

So, seated on the carpet,
this little Kitty Brown
Reads story after story,
though the book is upside down.
By M.D.B.

A Boy's Complaint
Grandma calls me Johnnie, father calls me John,
My sweetheart calls me Buddy, and the boys call me Don,
But Mother, oh, dear Mother, whenever I come near,
She calls me darling Baby and sometimes "BABY DEAR."

I like the name of Johnnie, I'm proud of my name John,
I don't mind hearing Buddy and the shorter name of Don,
But, though I love dear Mother far more than all the rest,
Her name of DARLING BABY I thoroughly detest.

You see when I am playing with boys in the street,
And pitching ball or doing some extraordinary feat,
It makes me feel so little to hear my mother call,
"Watch out, my darling BABY, be careful lest you fall!"

I'm not a darling baby, nor little baby dear,
I'm quite a great big boy and have no baby fear,
But I can't stand the guying the boys give to me,
When Mother starts to calling that hateful name - "BABEE."
By Winifred Sackville Stoner, Jr.