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Here are a few ideas for Halloween party invitations.

Halloween Party Invitations

Innovative ways can be explored to frame party invitations for Halloween. Use your imagination to invite people to your Halloween party in a way that the invitation itself sets the mood for the party and generates enough excitement for the D-day. Party Invitation greetings available in the market are often run-of-mill, too expensive and may not go well with your party theme. Making your own party invitations using innovative ideas will make them more interesting, fun and more appropriate to your party theme. Some very interesting, creative and inexpensive ideas to invite your guests for a Halloween party have been given below.

Ideas For Halloween Party Invitations

Lollipop Ghosts
You can invite guests to your Halloween party using lollipop ghosts. All you need is a thin felt-tip black marker, thin black ribbon, a lollipop and a white handkerchief for each guest. Now, just write the invitation message on the edges of the handkerchief, including the venue, date and time of the party, its theme and the name of the host. Now, drape the handkerchief on the lollipop in such a manner that it resembles a ghost. Tie a piece of black ribbon on the neck of the ghost and use the black marker to make its eyes. Your ghost is ready to be hand-delivered.

Harry Potter Theme You can also base the invitation on for Harry Potter theme, using parchment paper for the purpose. On one side of the paper, put 'Marauder's Map' in the title. Make a map of our house interiors or the interiors of the venue; use red dots to mark all the guests that are invited. If you are sure that they will all turn up and your guests know each other well, you can also write the first name of your guests against the red dots. On the other side of the paper, write the details of party invitation in invisible ink. On the top of the parchment paper, use black marker to write the instructions on how to read or decode the message. Buy some plastic owls. Roll the parchment Halloween party invitation and attach it to the claws of the owl and deliver them, preferably perched on the mailbox of the person you are inviting.

Bat Invitations
Batman or Vampire Halloween party invitations can be made using black construction paper cut out in the shape of bats. The message is to be written in colored ink, preferably red. Matching envelopes would make the invitation look all the more attractive. Such invitation can be used in case of simple Halloween parties as well, without any theme.

Pumpkin Invitation
Jack-o-lanterns or Pumpkin parties can use party invitations made from orange construction paper cut out in the shape of pumpkins. Use black marker to draw the lines on the pumpkin. Since Jack-o-lantern is one of the important symbols associated with the Halloween festival, such an invitation can be used in almost every type of Halloween party as well.