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Be careful to include each and every important person in the Halloween party guests list.

Halloween Party Guest List

Guest list is an important part of planning a successful party. Make the list of guests you want to invite to your Halloween party, well ahead of time, so you do not forget anyone and have enough time to make and deliver the party invitations. So ring some of the important guests, add the RSVP and enquire about the actual number of guests that are about to come in the party for correct assessment. Post or e-mail the party invitations to all your guests at least two weeks before the party and request the guests to call you or send you an e-mail in response to inform you about when they will arrive. This will help you to make preparations accordingly.

Be aware of the special needs that your guests may have while planning the party. Choose appropriate foods that can be enjoyed by diabetics, people with food allergies, vegetarians and cardiac patients too. If some of your friends have young children along with them, make sure that there is something interesting for the kids in the Halloween party too. Keep the children involved in something so that their parents can also have a ball. Your guest list may include friends from your child's cr�che, pre-school or school, your neighborhood, friends from workplace and close relatives. Make sure that all your guests have someone to talk to, in the party, so that they do not feel lonely or oddball in the gathering.

There should be enough tableware, food, party favors and treats for everybody. You also have to take into account the goodies and treats that you will give out to children who may visit you while 'trick-or-treating'. If you have a long list of guests, you may need some extra help. Be sure to ask some of your friends and relatives to bring camcorders and cameras along with batteries and flash lights, to get some good photographs of your Halloween party. Your party themes should appropriate for the age of guests attending your party. Make sure that you are able to well attend all the guests you are inviting, or else, you can cut down on the guest list by prioritizing.