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Here is information about the famous Halloween animation movie for kids titled 'It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown'.

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

'It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown' is one of favorite movies amongst the kids, which they love watching on Halloween. Based on the comic strip 'Peanuts' by Charles Schultz, the film has managed to capture the real spirit of Halloween from children's eyes, through the classic animations. About half hour long, it is a critically acclaimed movie was nominated for Emmy award too. Let us know some more about this special Halloween movie.

Released in 1966, this special animation movie starts with depiction of Halloween time in the Peanuts land. It shows Peanut gang dressed for 'trick-or-treat' and a fun Halloween party at Violet's House, as Linus talks Charlie Brown's sister Sally into waiting for 'Great Pumpkin' with him. Linus is sure that Great Pumpkin will surely visit their pumpkin patch this year. Linus Van Pelt, Charlie Brown's best friend, firmly believes in the existence of the Great Pumpkin who travels around the world on Halloween, to give toys to all the good little children.

Linus waits with Charlie's little sister, Sally Brown in the pumpkin patch, while other members of the gang including Charlie Brown, Nasty Lucy, Schroeder, Pig-Pen, Patty and Violet go for trick-or-treating. They trade the candies later, only to find that everyone has candy, while Charlie has only a rock in his bag. On the other hand, Linus misses trick-or-treating and Halloween party at Violet's house, just to catch a glimpse of his hero. Later, he sees a silhouette of Snoopy, Charlie's dog, in his World War I Flying Ace outfit and thinks him to be the great Pumpkin and Sally leaves him in a huff to wait alone.

At around 4 am, on the next day of Halloween, Lucy gets up from her bed and ventures out to check on Linus. She reaches the pumpkin patch and finds him lying on the ground, shivering in cold, wrapped in his blanket. Lucy walks Linus to his room and takes off his shoes and he passes out in his bed. Lucy puts the covers on him and storms out of the room. Later in the day, Charlie Brown tries to console Linus by saying, "I've done a lot of stupid things in my life, too''. On hearing this, Linus is agitated and snaps back at Charlie Brown by saying that the Great Pumpkin will come next year. The movie meets its end even as Linus' ranting continues.