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Here is presented information on a spooky Halloween theme film/movie titled 'Casper, produced by Steven Spielberg.


In 1995, Brad Silberling, the director of the movie Casper, introduced Casper as the friendly ghost and he became an instant hit with the children who loved to have their very own ghost. He was a ghost ready to help them out with his supernatural powers and who could perform some real cool tricks that were only possible for a ghost, including moving in and out of walls. Legendary Steven Spielberg was one of the co-producers of the movie. The movie used multimedia and animations to make the audience sit on the edge of their seats, totally absorbed as the Casper saga unfolded. 'Casper' was a huge success at the box-office and made a fortune playing solidly all through the summer.

'Casper' is a nice Halloween movie for small children, with a ghost that is not meant to scare them away. Children will inevitably fall in love with the cute ghost Casper. The movie was described by Time Out London, a publishing company based in London, as ''an intimate and likeable film''. The tremendous commercial success of the movie is also an evidence of it's appropriateness for an occasion like Halloween. 'Casper' is also credited with being the first film with a computer -animated title character. Watch the movie with friends and family and enjoy this Halloween in a filmy style!

Casper is a lonely ghost who has still not been able to come to terms with his death and lives with his three ghost uncles, who are nasty and bad, as the typical ghosts are. They haunt the mansion they once owned and their greed does not let them pass to the light. They sometimes carry their haunting too far and are the villains of the movie. After all the other options are exhausted, Dr. James Harvey, a famous ghost therapist, is asked to come and live in the mansion and get rid of all the ghosts and spirits that are there, so that it can be used for residence purposes. Harvey has a cute daughter called Kat. Throughout the movie, we see how Casper befriends Kat, despite their being from different realms, and saves her from his uncles' tricks.