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In this article, we are providing you with ideas for Sleepover with Ghosts Halloween party.

Sleepover With Ghosts

Have you ever seen a frozen look on your friends' faces? No? Then, arrange a 'sleepover with ghosts' for them, on this Halloween. When they realize that they are spending a night with ghosts, they would be scared white. It would leave them completely bamboozled and helpless. Make it a night to remember for your friends and give them something uncanny for Halloween. Ignite your imagination to create an absolutely creepy mayhem in your house and scare your friends out of their wits. It would require just a little bit of preparation and the rest can be left to the spooky charm of the Halloween night!

Invite some of your best buddies to a sleepover party on Halloween. Put a fake rattlesnake on the door. Roll up a blanket or take two pillows of approximately your body size and keep them on bed. Cover them with a blanket and put a mask where your head should be, when you sleep. Cover the head with a wig of approximately your hair color, for a believable look. Insert a knife from top of the blanket and spread some fake blood around. Hang a grotesque mask in the fridge in such a manner that when your friends opens the door of the refrigerator and peep inside it, the mask is at their eye-level.

Buy some real-looking spiders and put them on the chairs. You may also place some 'giant cockroaches' on the cupboard doors. Now, when your friends are about to come, give them a call and tell them that you are just going out for a few minutes and that the door is open for them. Ask them to make themselves comfortable in the room and have some soda from the fridge, until you return. Now, hide under the bed and wait for your friends to arrive. As soon as your friends open the door, they will jump in fright seeing the rattlesnake that is there to welcome them.

As your friends try to sit down on a chair, they will find the spider. A soda from fridge will lure them to the ghost lurking in there. If they spot something on the bed, which looks like your body with the knife plunged out, they are sure to get the fright of their lives. As they approach the bed to check on you, you can grab their feet from under the bed. Hope, they won't touch the cockroach on the cupboard's door. The sleepover party with ghosts on Halloween is sure to be remembered forever. You can keep reliving the Halloween night at your home by narrating the incident to others.