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Fortune in Coffee Cup

Telling fortunes using coffee cup grounds can be an interesting evening pastime for Halloween tea party. As you prepare the steaming hot coffee, you can put the grounds of coffee in a white cup and shake them well, until they cover the whole surface of the cup. Put the rest of the coffee grounds in the saucer and use the images formed by the coffee grounds in the white cup to tell the fortune of the concerned person.

The fortune-teller has to focus on the person whose fortune he/she is reading and keep in mind the rank, profession and position of the individual. He also has to decide whether to speak about the past, present or future tense, depending on the circumstances. Images may not be very clear and fortuneteller has to use his psychic powers (or imagination) to find them and interpret them. Here are the interpretations of the images that you may find in the white cup, made by ground coffee particles: