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Given here is a funny story on friendship. Check out this funny story about friends.

Funny Friendship Story

Friendship is a multi-faceted relationship, comprising of a mixed-bag of emotions. Friends would cry together, empathize each other's agony, share happiness and have a lot of fun. In fact, the fun quotient of friendship is what makes the relation lively. Friends would bring a broad smile on our face and wipe all our tears. The moments spent with pals would often bring out a number of funny incidents, which would be cherished for the lifetime. After all, what are friends for, if we can't pull their legs, laugh uproariously and get away with it! A funny story on friendship is given here, which depicts incidents that many of you can easily relate to your life. Read the funny story about friends, given in the article, and laugh out loud!

Funny Story On Friendship

While walking down a busy street one day, a successful Human Resource Director was knocked down by a bus. She died and her soul came to Heaven. She met St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, who said that they never had an HR director before, so he had no idea what to do. She asked him if she could go inside and see for herself, but St. Peter declined saying that he had orders from higher authorities, not to allow any soul to enter without going through a test. He told her that she would have to live for a day in Hell and one day in Heaven and then choose between the two.

She was sent to Hell via the elevator. When the door finally opened, she was quite surprised to find a lush green golf course. In front of her were her friends and fellow colleagues, with whom she had worked when she was alive. They were all dressed in gorgeous gowns and lovely clothes and were cheering for her. She had a warm welcome and enjoyed every bit of her stay there. She talked of old times with them, relived old memories and had a splendid dinner. She was pleasantly surprised to see the Devil (who was actually handsome!) dressed up in a nice suit and talk to her very politely. Finally, it was time for her to bid farewell to her friends and go back to the Pearly Gates.

She got out of the elevator and found St. Peter waiting for her. He then told her that she would now spend 24 hours in Heaven. She was greeted with a beautiful sight in Heaven. She saw gorgeous angels and splendid clouds. She lounged the entire day on clouds and played the harp. She had a great time singing and entertaining herself and before she could realize her day was over. She met St. Peter again who asked her where she would like to go for eternity. She chose Hell, as she thought she had a better time there with her friends.

Therefore, she was sent back to Hell via the same elevator. When she reached, she had a shock awaiting her. Instead of the green golf course, she saw a dilapidated wasteland that was covered in filth. Her friends were dressed in rags and were picking up garbage. Finally, she saw the Devil who looked horrifying, instead of handsome. She asked him what happened here, as she was expecting something different. The Devil just smiled and said that yesterday, they were recruiting and today she was the staff!