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Songs about friendship truly bring out the melody of friendship. Check out some songs on friends.

Friendship Songs

Friendship adds the melody in an otherwise dull life. With friends, even a dull day can seem bright. The moments spent with true friends are priceless and even though the moment passes away, the memories are forever remembered. The magic of friendship is captured best in music. Songs about friendship bring out the real essence of friends and what it feels like when you are blessed with even one true friend. Many popular singers have sung songs on friends and different aspects of friendship. You shall find such popular songs in our related sections; they will make you remember you, your old golden days.

Friendship Songs can be of several types. Some songs are the songs of 'happy and carefree days' of friendship while some are songs that make some us remember how a perfect going friendship turned sour. There are also songs that make us remember of our childhood friends and the hilarious things we used to do together. Umpteen numbers of songs have been written on various types and phases of friendship. Be it in Hollywood or Bollywood, friendship has been lyricists' favorite subject. You can check out various genre of friendship in our related sections.

Broken Friendship Songs
When you find out that your friend has not been true to you and has broken your trust, there is nothing you can do to set it right. Broken friendship is almost impossible to mend. Even if you sit and talk about it and decide to start all over again, the trust that used to be before will never come. Broken friendship is very hard to accept and more so if that friend was the only one you have ever had.

Childhood Friendship Song
As children, we make many friends. We grow up together, play together, fight like cats and dogs and yet save each other when the teacher comes to beat up for some naughtiness! With time, every kid takes up his own priorities in life and sometimes moves away from his friends. But the ones that stick around and share the bond forever can proudly boast about their friendship.

Lost Friendship Songs
True friends are hard to find and true friendship is harder to keep. More often than not, friends tend to move away from each other due to different reasons. It could be that one of them has moved to a new place and has not kept in touch; it could also be some misunderstanding that leads to a breach in friendship.

Old Friendship Songs
All through your life you make friends. You lose some and some stay on forever. As a tribute to those friends who stay on and never leave your side, we bring you a list of songs on old friendship. Old friendship is like old wine which becomes better with age. With time, the understanding and compatibility also improves and at one point of time, old friends become like siblings.

Top 10 Friendship Songs
Many known singers have belted out songs on friendship, which have been quite popular. Many friends identify themselves with these songs as the lyrics can bring out the true meaning of friendship melodiously. We bring you a similar list of the top 10 friendship songs.