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Friendship Day is the perfect day to wish your friend a Happy Friendship's Day. Check out when is Friendship Day.

Friendship Day is celebrated all over the world on the first Sunday of August. Some people think that this tradition is very recent and an outcome of commercialization. However, it is not so and you will be surprised to know that this tradition of devoting one full day to friends started off long back in the year 1935 in U.S. With time, this trend gained popularity and is now celebrated no less than festival. It is a perfect occasion to show your friends that you care. After all, they are the one you bank upon in the moments of despair.

True friends are actually the rare treasures that very few people posses, so if you have one, make sure that you make your friend realize on this day that how special he / she is and how much important position they hold in your life. As they occupy a very special part in our life, their happiness cannot be compromised upon. So, in order to make them feel special, you can give a number of gifts like flowers, cards, bracelets, rings and wrist bands, as a token of your love on this special occasion called 'Friendship Day'. This would certainly bring a special smile on their face, enough to make your day!

If you want to surprise your friends, you can always throw a surprise party for them. Give them a call and tell them how much they mean to you. Cards made personally by you will be valued much more than the ones bought from a store. In our related sections, you will find information regarding various aspects of friendship and celebration of friendship day.