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Given here are ideas for Friendship Day activities. So check out these activities on Friendship's Day.

Friendship Day Activities

Friendship Day Activities
Friendship's Day is the ideal occasion to indulge in fun activities after all this is the best day to let yourself loose and enjoy being your real self. Some people plan something special for the day while others believe in having spontaneous fun. Over here you will find many ideas for a Friendship Day activity. Whatever activity you do, the bottom-line is to have loads of fun with your friends. Since this special day comes only once a year, spend unlimited time with your friends and let them know how special they are. Apart from presenting them with gifts, also make sure that you make it a day full of fun and enjoyment. Go through Friendship's Day activity given below to have an idea of what all can you possibly do on this occasion.

Organize A Party
Organize a party for your friends on the occasion of Friendship's Day. No need to splurge too much on the decorations and gifts. Make it simple and fun. Order junk food and make the ambience nice and calm. Have a good collection of music and you are set to party. You can also organize a theme party wherein everyone has to dress up like a particular character according to the theme.

Outing With Friends
Watch a nice movie together. You can head to the nearest theater and watch it there. While outside, you can also catch up on some shopping and have lunch together. If you are no more a college student now, remember the good old days and laugh off the silly misunderstandings that you developed in some phase of your friendship. Also, try to go to your favorite hangout zone of college days and cherish those carefree moments.

Movie Marathon At Home
If you don't want to go outside, you can hire some movies and DVD's and watch it with friends at the comfort of your home. Make it like a mini get together with food, drinks and popcorns and go for three movies, one after another. You can also plan a sleepover at your home. Call your friends, rent some horror movies, have loads of popcorn and you are all set to enjoy with your friends. Just have fun, tease each other by wearing horror masks!

Night Out At Your Place
If you have a backyard, put up a tent for dinner and organize a party for your friend under open sky. Call your friends to have dinner and stay at your place. Play music at night and dance until dawn. If you have option, you can arrange a barbeque too. If you are tired, lie down under the night sky watching the billions of twinkling stars. Your friends will always remember this wonderful night out.