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Films on friends have always been a popular theme with everyone. Check out these famous friendship movies.

Friendship Movies

Friendship is like a delicate flower, which needs constant nourishing and pampering. If held too tightly, it withers away. The relationship demands nothing, but good level of understanding, trust and respect for each other. When two people are true friends, they would not try to overpower one another. True friends would respect each other's feelings, more than anybody else does. They would understand their similarities and maintain the friendship with their differences as well. It is a telepathic relationship, where one can understand the other's silence as loud and clear as his/her words.

Friendship has always been a favorite subject for film makers. The highs and lows of friendship portrayed on screen are very entertaining to watch and remind one of their own friends. The movies based on the divine relation of friendship convey one common meaning - true friends are very hard to find and harder to keep! Such movies make us realize that true friends should never be taken for granted. Watching flicks based on friendship is a nice way to entertain yourself as well as spend time with your friends. In our related section, we have enlisted some of the famous friendship movies.

Friendship Movie Quotes
Friendship has been immortalized by popular movie quotations on friends. The quotations are powerful and meaningful and make an impact on those who hear it. Friendship is a feeling that cannot be described in mere words. Therefore, these quotes from famous movies sure come close to describe what a friend feels. True friends will immediately connect with the quotes, while others may find the humor in it very amusing. Check out some famous friendship movie quotes, in the following lines. The movie quotes about friendship, given below, have been carefully selected for the sake of friendship.

Top Friendship Movies
Friendship is a very fragile subject for a movie. Yet, some renowned directors and actors have portrayed this beautiful relation in the most enigmatic way that one could imagine. The portrayal of friendship on screen just brings the magic of the relation, alive. Whether it is about lost friendship or friendship that has lasted through ages, movies on this divine relation have always enthralled audiences, young and old alike. We bring you a list of popular friendship movies that you can catch up with your friends, on Friendship Day. These are some of the best films on friends and are sure to entertain you to the hilt.