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Read about Friendship's Day celebration in India. Check out Friendship Day in India.

Friendship Day in India

Friendship Day In India
Like all over the world, Friendship Day in India is also celebrated with much fanfare and enthusiasm. Though the celebration of Friendship's Day in India is mainly limited to the urban sections of the society, there is extreme enthusiasm about the arrival of this day in the country. Youngsters in India spend the day with their closest friends and have loads of fun together. They exchange cards and cute gifts and recollect the days spent together. Though the trend of Friendship Day celebration is not very old, the celebration has become quite popular in last decade.

The friendship day in India is not very different from other parts of the world. It is very much the reminiscence of the most cherished relation in the world. For Youngsters, it is all about partying and having fun and for adults, it has become an occasion for get together and fun. Different people celebrate it in different manner. Some friends meet up on this particular day at a commonplace. Yet some others plan a surprise visit just to see their friend gasp in pleasant shock! Spending the day with your closest pals is something that one doesn't get to do all of the time. Even if it means sitting together and talking over a cup of coffee, the time spent together is precious and unforgettable. Long distance friends call up each other on this day and wish each other with warm feelings.

Most of the youngsters in India plan a movie or lunch with friends. A large group of friends may also go on a drive to nearby tourist places or make a plan for camping. Adventure lovers plan a day that is filled with action to set their pulses racing. Such people also go for trekking with their friends if they have a nice group. If they are not a lot of adventure options in the city near by, friends also organize a get-together at water parks and adventure clubs in the city.

Some friends go to the malls to do shopping. On Friendship's Day most stores offer discounted prices for customers and it is the perfect day to pick up some clothes and shop for friends also. Entire market is flooded with friendship day gifts and cards. Friendship bands, flowers, cookies and chocolates are also the most sought for as well as available items in the market on this occasion. Some friends also plan a lunch and shopping spree together on this day.

Parties are the most popular way to celebrate the day. Parties exclusively meant for this day are organized by many restaurants and discoth�ques attract youngsters. Such parties are very enjoyable, more so if you are with a large group of friends. You get food at a discounted rate and the ambience is just perfect to enjoy with friends. Some friends just decide to meet up at someone's home and catch up on lost time. The bottom line is to have fun with your pals, wherever it may be.