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There is nothing like giving a friendship greeting card. Check out greeting card for friends.

Friendship Cards

Friendship Cards
Friendship Day, celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August, commemorates the unique bond shared by friends. It is a wonderful opportunity for people to honor their friendship and extend their sincere gratitude to their pals, for being an important part of their life. This feeling and affection are expressed in myriad ways; some of the most common being the exchange of gifts, flowers and cards. Talking about greeting cards, the festival is a glorious day for the gift galleries to cash in a lot of money. It is one of the general festivals, when people literally flock the shops to get their hands on their choicest Friendship Day greeting cards.

Since exchange of greeting cards has become just like a tradition of Friendship Day, cards of all sizes, with different emotions, are available in the gift galleries. Today, you can find Friendship Day greeting cards of different sizes, suitable for different moods and emotions - whether funny or serious. The quotations included in the greeting cards often carry the real essence of friendship, thereby helping the person to express the emotions to his/her friend. In this section, we have provided information on how to choose greeting cards and e-cards for Friendship Day and instructions for making homemade cards.

Friendship E-Card
Sending wishes to your beloved friend, on the glorious occasion of Friendship Day, is just the matter of a mouse click. With the increase in the competition, more and more websites are coming up with a wide variety of e-cards. This has provided the netizens across the globe to connect to their friends very easily, without spending anything, except for the internet connection. E-cards are now easily available in the internet and can be personalized and sent to your friend, no matter where he/she is residing in. In fact, sending e-cards has become a customary, so it is common to see people accessing internet to get their hands on e-cards suitable for their pals, on Friendship Day.

Handmade Friendship Card
A handmade friendship greeting card has much more sentimental value than the one purchased from the market. Giving your friend a handmade card as a symbol of your undying friendship is something that will be cherished by him/her forever. Friendship greeting cards are very easy to make. You don't have to be an expert to make one yourself! Whether it looks good or not won't bother your friend, as long as you have put in efforts and heartfelt feelings to make it. It is worth every effort you put in and it will be paid off, when you see your friend smile happily! We bring you simple tips on how to make homemade card for a friend.