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Childhood friendship is usually transformed into long lasting friendship. Read about old friendship.

Old Friendship

Old Friendship
It is easy to find friends, but very difficult to maintain their friendship for a long time. Some people are blessed to have friends, who stick to each other through the thick and thin of their lives and never ever break the relation, even with geographical distance or time. Others take time to open up with people, while there are many others, who do not feel confident about themselves to have friends for their lifetime. Long lasting friendship does not happen in a day. It takes years to develop understanding and higher levels of trust, if you want to boast of having old friends. It needs equal efforts from both sides to make the relation work.

Some childhood friendships actually develop into long lasting friendship, since it is a result of mutual understanding and undeterred trust. People swear by the power of old friendship. The fact that there is always a trusted friend to fall back upon in times of need is very re-assuring. In fact, very few are blessed with long lasting friendships. Friends who have been with each other through the highs and lows; those who have seen each other fail and rise again, would definitely be true to each other. Those pals who have seen each other laugh and cry and yet stood by each other, accepting the good and the bad points, are true friends and they can maintain long lasting friendship.

The bond between the old friends is formed is so strong that even long distance cannot deter it. One can find a sparkle in the eyes of the people, when they tell about having old friends and boast of the longevity of their friendship. Childhood friendship is usually formed, when young kids get to know their immediate classmates and neighbors. Although they fight and cry at first, just like normal kids, with time, they get to develop a good level of understanding. The secret to long lasting friendships is not giving up on each other. It is inevitable that they grow up, form their opinions, have different temperaments and attitudes and possibly have different lifestyles. Yet, they hold onto each other and respect each other's opinions and attitudes.

Finding a true friend, who stays around forever, is something that life offers to very few. Often, life is compared to a train journey - you come across many people, enjoy the moment to the fullest and bid good bye to them. Similarly, you might come across many friends in your life, but it would be hard to find that person, who emerges as your true friend. Yet, some people are saluted for their great friendships that they have developed in their lifetime. It is astonishing to find them maintaining their friendship right from their school time until their old age. When asked how, with a spark in their eyes, they would boast of the level of understanding and trust that they have developed, over the years. Perhaps this is the reason why many friendships are old, but as pure as gold.