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You can find plenty of funny and amusing friendship Ecards over the internet. Check out E cards and greetings for friends.

Friendship E-Card

Friendship E Card
Sending wishes to your beloved friend, on the glorious occasion of Friendship Day, is just the matter of a mouse click. With the increase in the competition, more and more websites are coming up with a wide variety of e-cards. This has provided the netizens across the globe to connect to their friends very easily, without spending anything, except for the internet connection. E-cards are now easily available in the internet and can be personalized and sent to your friend, no matter where he/she is residing in. In fact, sending e-cards has become a customary, so it is common to see people accessing internet to get their hands on e-cards suitable for their pals, on Friendship Day.

E-cards come in different types, including animated, flash, or the simple plain ones. Some cards are also interactive. Most of them have music playing in the background, which is chosen to suit the mood and thought expressed in the particular e-card. The cards can be personalized as well, according to one's own wishes. The personalization options given by most of the websites include options to change the e-card's background color, pattern, size and color of font and style of writing. In some websites, you can choose your style of music as well. Therefore, you are given the option to show your creativity by altering the way the card looks like, in accordance with your own style and the taste of the person receiving it.

Plain e cards are very cute and can help you a great deal in telling your friend how much you care for him/her. The cards are characterized by a lovely picture of scenery or a waterfall, rainbow, flowers or a cute teddy bear. Often you will find very touching quotations and wordings along with these illustrations. Other popular cards are the ones with cute cartoons characters that remind you of funny antics you do with your friends. Often, you will find cards that have two cute friends sitting together on a bench and looking together at the sunset. This will surely remind you of precious moments you spent with your friends.

Apart from the flash and plain greeting cards, you can also find animated cards that are interactive. Most of these cards require you click on something or the other, for cute animations. The internet is loaded with such cute e-cards for Friendship Day. You will not have a tough time finding one, but since there is a lot of variety, it would be somewhat difficult to finalize which card you have to choose from. So, go ahead, surf the net and find the e-card that truly symbolizes your friendship and convey your heartfelt emotions to your friend, on the glorious occasion of Friendship Day.