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Check out the orange, lemon and pineapple Punch recipe, given below. To know an easy Fruit Punch receipe, read on.

Fruit Punch Recipe

Father's Day is considered to be the day of celebration for that one person in your life who is there for you whenever you need him. He is always ready to help you, to make you feel secure in the hardest of times. He sacrifices his own pleasures to make you available all pleasures of life. This day is an occasion to recall, recognize and remember all those endless pains; he had gone through for your growth and upbringing. This special day gives you an opportunity to honor your father by doing something special for him. He was there for your first step, your first fall, and you can count on him to be there when you need him next. Your biggest hero deserves your biggest thanks. One way to thank him on this Father's Day is by serving him cool fruit punch made by you. Below we are giving the recipe to prepare Fruit Punch.

How to make Fruit Punch