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Read this article to understand how the relationship between a father and son can be carried successfully throughout the life.

Father Son Relationship

Every relation in life is crucial and takes its own course of development. Within a family, four relationships that count most are Husband-Wife Relationship, Mother-Children Relationship, Sibling Relationship and Father-Children Relationship. A Father-Children relationship is easier if it is a Father- Daughter duo because there is gentleness and care but the Father- Son relationship is a little crucial because the relationship is not very vocal. Though it is very important to make a father-son relationship work, most of the people do not understand the right way to handle this relationship.

Relationship Between Dad & Son

Father-Kid Relationship
The foundation stone of a relationship should always be solid and concrete. The same philosophy is applicable to the Father- Kid relationship. As it is very easy to connect emotionally with a kid, a father must start working on the relationship when a kid is small. Sweet gestures like cuddling and taking out for a dinner mean a lot to a small kid. A father- son relationship is very different from a mother-son relationship of care and tenderness; it is more like teaching the practicalities of life and preparing a son to face the real world.

Father-Adolescent Relationship
At the adolescent stage, life becomes a little different for a guy. As now everything can't be discussed with his dear momma, he is in constant search of a companion who is a confidante as well as a good advisor. If a father develops his bonding with his son in a manner that he could easily discuss his life with his father, it becomes comparatively easier for an adolescent son to grow up. Also, as the foundation of life at this stage becomes the practical ground of future, at this stage it is very important for a father to put forth an ideal example before his son.

Father-Adult Relationship
Though life becomes comparatively easier to handle when both the people are mature enough to understand the relationship, a Father- Adult Relation also requires a little of effort to be carried successfully. When a son grows up, the role of father and son in the relationship are switched, now it is the son who has to be become the nurturer of the relationship.  It is now a son's responsibility to reciprocate the love, care and kindness his father has bestowed upon him all his life.