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Father's Day gives you a wonderful chance to express thankfulness. Greet your dad a 'Happy Fathers Day' with the wishes given in this article.

Father's Day Wishes

Father's Day gives every kid a special opportunity to honor and render his/her earnest thanks to his dad. On this glorious occasion, children indulge in a lot of activities that perfectly articulate their feelings and emotions. Right from delivering sermons, organizing surprise parties to hosting lunch, dinner or brunch, the list of options goes endless. However, you may indulge in anything, but wishing your dad on this special day is primary. You can either wish him by giving him a card or an e-card or even by reciting a few lines. While penning a few lines may be quite easy for some, but most of you would agree that expressing your deep felt emotions in a few lines turns out to be quite a difficult task at hand. To make expression of feelings easy, we have listed below some Father's Day wishes, just for you, so that you can tell your dad how much you love and care for him. These adorable quotes on father aptly sum up their importance in our lives.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes

In happiness, in sorrow
You were always there for me
I may not have always said it
But, it's the day to say it loud.
'I Love You Dad'
Wish you a superb Father's Day!

Hoping this Father's Day is special
The kind that you won't forget
One of the happiest you've had
In fact, the happiest yet!
Have a Brilliant Fathers Day !

Wishing a special dad a Father's day filled with all the things that give you a warm and happy feeling and leave you with bright memories to look back through the year.
Happy Fathers Day

Because you're such a special Dad, this comes with love to say-You're wished a world of happiness today and every day!
Happy Fathers Day

Today like many other days brings warmest thoughts of you, and all the ways you brighten life for others all year through...
That's why this greeting comes to bring a special wish your way,
To hope that happiness and love will fill your Father's Day.
With Warmest Wishes Just For You

Because you're always thought about in such a special way, because you always do so much to brighten any day..
Because you bring such happiness to others all year through, this wish for joy on Father's Day is warmly meant for you.

Now that Father's Day is here, there's nothing that means more, than wishing a special Dad like you, all you're hoping for
With Special Love on Father's Day

It's a time for celebrating and for getting presents, too-A time for doing all things that you most like to do.
Happy Father's Day

Here's a little song to say "Happy, happy Father's day!"
No one's Father is so sweet.
Your kind ways just can't be beat.
Happy happy Father's day;
I love you in a big way!
With Love on Father's Day

Daddy is my special friend,
The two of us are buddies.
I always like the things we do,
I'm thankful for my daddy.
Happy Father's Day Dad!!