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Father's Day is a golden chance for the children to express their love and respect for their dad. Explore lovely poetry for Fathers Day, in the section.

Father's Day Poems

Father plays a very special role in the life of his children. He is the protector, a caretaker, the financial and moral support and most importantly, the support pillar of their life. He would not hesitate to sacrifice his desires in order to fulfill the wishes of his family. He dedicates a significant period of his life in nurturing his kids, unless they become self sufficient in all respects. When he is working, he would burden himself with all his family's responsibilities and after retirement from work, he would ensure that he is no more a burden for his grown up kids.

Since there is great significance of father in everybody's life, he deserves a day specially dedicated to him. Father's Day salutes every man, who has been bestowed with innumerable responsibilities, right from the day when he becomes a father. It is a day to commemorate fatherhood, which is incomparable. Although words cannot express the elated feeling of being a father and the importance of the role, poetry can surely convey the essence of the responsibility of the significant man. Here in the section, we have given a collection of beautiful poems for Father's Day, which you may dedicate to your dad, on the occasion.

Best Father's Day Poems
Father's Day gives children a chance to celebrate one of the most special days of a year. Celebrated on the third Sunday of June, the day is rejoiced with utmost fervor and enthusiasm. Children flock to the market days before the occasion to pick the right stuff for their dad.

Christian Father's Day Poem
Father's Day is a ceremonious occasions for Christians. It is a holiday of religious observance, especially for the people following Christianity. On the day, they visit Church to offer prayers to the Almighty, for being blessed with father, who has become the most significant man in their life.

Father's Day Poems From Son
The relationship between a father and his son is filled with fun. Since they belong to the same gender, father and son tend to develop a considerable degree of understanding and a strong bond over the passing years.

Funny Father's Day Poems
Father's Day is a fun filled experience for both father and his kids. It is a special holiday wherein families take part in enthralling parties and get-together to commemorate the supreme responsibility of fatherhood.

Inspirational Father's Day Poems
A father plays a dominant role in the life of a child. He is the kid's mentor, guide and role model. His persistent and relentless efforts give his children the inspiration and motivation to move ahead in life.

Father's Day Love Poems
Father's Day is one of the glorious occasions, celebrating fatherhood and rejoicing the interminable sacrifices of a dad. So, a special day like this, gives every kid a chance to express thankfulness and gratitude to his/her dad.

Father's Day Poems For Grandpa
Poetry is one of the best mediums of expression. In selective words, poems convey to a person the deep felt emotions and feelings. Though Father's Day is exclusively celebrate to honor and pat tribute to all the dads, the day also gives us the chance to thank and pay reverence to our father's father, i.e., our granddad.

Father's Day Poems For Kids
Kids are full of innocence, mischief and virtue. Though it is known that kids are closer to their mother, their affection for father is no less. A father is the guiding light and a role model for his children.

Father's Day Poems From Daughter
Fathers and daughters share a very beautiful relationship, which is beyond comparison. Right from the childhood of the baby girl, the father influences her in one way or the other.

Short Father's Day Poems
Father's Day is an excellent occasion to honor your father for the endless efforts he has put in. Much like a mother, a father also leaves no stone unturned for his kids.

Spiritual Father's Day Poems
Father's Day is one of the most honored and celebrated occasion in the year. Children grab the opportunity most efficiently to thank and pay tribute to their daddy dearest.

Traditional Father's Day Poems
Father's Day celebration has been practiced for a century now. The celebration, which started on a small scale has today, evolved as a full fledged occasion. With commercialization

Father's Day Poems
Here we have collected some poems for fathers day. You can write them on your card or the present that you plan to give him. Many of these may actually reflect your true feelings for your Dad. Feelings that are there in your heart but you don't know how to express them.

Preschool Father's Day Poems