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Check out when is Father's Day falling in 2021

Father's Day Date

While it is accepted around the world that the first word that a child utters is 'mother', it is also a universal fact that it is the father towards whom almost every child looks, as his/her hero. He is the person who asks you to smile when you fall down from the bicycle the first time and surely he is the one who asks you not to drive the bike beyond the speed of 60 km/hr when you grow older. In themselves, our father and mother comprise of a whole world for us. And, it was with the aim of honoring the great man that we call dad that the holiday of 'Father's Day' came into being. It provides us with an occasion to say 'Thank You Dad', through various actions and gestures.

Father's Day is the day to make your daddy, and all the other men who have played the father figure in your life - say grandpa, stepfather and even elder brother, feel really special. It is the time to let them know how much you love them and care for them. Father's Day is celebrated on different dates across the world. In many countries across the globe, including USA, UK, India, Singapore, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, Greece, France, China, and so on, it falls on the third Sunday of June. Then, there are countries like Australia and New Zealand that celebrate it on the first Sunday of September and places like Russia that have a fixed date for its celebration (February 23). Let us know more about Father's Day date i.e. when is Father's Day, in the coming years.

When is Father's Day

Countries Dates
Russia June 20
Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Turkey June 06
Italy & Spain March 19
USA, UK, India, Canada, China, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa June 20
Germany May 13
Thailand December 05
Australia & New Zealand September 05
Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland November 14