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Given below are some Father's Day quotes, verses and sayings. Find out information on Fathers Day quote.

Fathers Day Quotes

There were times when all one associated one's father with, was a stern looking man with an invisible stick in hand. During those days, children were afraid to talk to their fathers and readily did whatever he ordered, for they knew only one thing - you can't disobey your father. Still, there was that deep-rooted respect that guided them throughout one's life. Times have changed. Today, dads are more indulgent. They don't expect their children to say, "Yes, father!" all the time. Today, they care for their children more than ever. They go out with them, play with them, pamper them and even change their diapers and cook their lunch whenever they get time. Yet, they haven't lost their position as the epitome of strength and respect in the household. Those times have changed but the love that one have for his/ her father in their heart haven't changed. Love for the father is also a unique one that also have a bit of fear and a feeling of need of that special person to guide our way through to our future.

Let's see what these quotes, sayings and verses have to tell about their loving fathers:

You can write these quotes and verses on your father day cards or gifts and express your true feelings to your Dad. Happy Fathers Day !!!