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To know some famous Father's Day songs, read on. Check out song for Fathers Day.

Fathers Day Songs

That is the thankless position of the father in the family - the provider for all, and the enemy of all. - J. August Strindberg

Almost all of us will agree with the above mentioned quote. Though mothers are given credit for the pains and troubles they take, when it comes to father, much is left unstated or unarticulated. Talking about the old times, every one of you would relate to the time, when your dad would make you sit on his lap and teach all the nursery rhymes, for hours at once, patiently singing it out and then present a chocolate every time you would recite the poem to him. Each time he would act, as if he had heard it for the first time and pat your back and take you for a ride.

Many a times, your father would read out bedtime stories, even though he was tired and exhausted. Being a father is a full-time job and a day dedicated to all the fathers gives every child a perfect opportunity to show his/her appreciation to his/her dad. While talking about celebration, how can music be far behind? It adds the much needed entertainment and fun quotient to any festive occasion. Songs accentuate the mood of this special day. They are great ways of expressing your deep felt emotions and feelings. This Father's Day, make it special for your dad, by dedicating him a song. You can either sing them or get it recorded in a CD or a cassette.

Dance With My Father
Father's Day is a special occasion for the wonderful man in life, who has always been there with you as a friend, a guide and who has assumed many other significant roles. It is a day to cherish the ultimate bond between father and his children.

Father And Son
Father and son share a very special chemistry. As the relationship grows older and stronger, they are bonded with each other more like friends, than merely being a parent and a child.

Father And Daughter
The special bond that a father shares with his daughter cannot be expressed in few words. Father stands as the support pillar for his daughter, who in turn feels secured under his nourishment.

Fathers Day
Father's Day gives you the golden opportunity to express your sincere gratitude and innocent love to your dad, who has been a wonderful part of your life.

Fathers Son
Father's Day is not merely a holiday, but also a glorious occasion that is celebrated merrily, like any other festival. It is day specially set apart for father, who has assumed the role of the guide, who cares, protects

Father To Son
Father's Day is a special holiday celebrated with fun and fervor. On the glorious day, the men, who have attained fatherhood, are saluted for their prominent role in influencing, guiding and protecting their children and the family as a whole.

Father And Son
The occasion of Father's Day reminds you to take a break from your work and make the most of this time. This is the perfect day to make your father feel special. Children usually celebrate this day by reciting poems or cracking funny jokes to their fathers.

Papa Can You Hear Me ?
Fathers Day is the right time to express your love and gratitude to your father. Every person has its own style of expressing feelings. You can convey your sincerest wishes by singing a song for him on Father's Day.

Best Father's Day Songs
Father's Day is a day to honor your dads. The most wonderful and loving way to honor father's unconditional love for a child is to sing or play a wonderful song for him. A song selected and sung by you can give him so much happiness which any expensive gift will even fail to give.

Christian Father's Day Songs
If you want to thank your dad in some different way on this Father's Day, then a religious touch to the celebrations will be the best way to acknowledge fatherhood. Playing or singing religious songs for your dad will be a wonderful way of appreciating the sacrifices of your dad.

Father's Day Love Songs
Remember all those childhood days when your dad made you sit on his lap and taught you nursery rhymes and patriotic songs, singing them along with you for hours. This Father's Day, you have a chance to appreciate all those efforts done by him to make you, what you are today.

Popular Father's Day Songs
Singing a song is the best way of expressing your emotions, be it happiness or despair. There are times, when we lack words to express our love, but songs help to effectively convey our feelings. On this Father’s Day, you can also choose to sing a special Father's Day song for your dad, which can help you express your love for him. There are many songs which have been written to praise the fatherhood.