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Are you looking for some unique Father's Day activities? Go through the article, to get some Father Day activity ideas.

Father's Day Activities

Father's Day is one of the joyous occasions in the year that give every kid an opportunity to express the unsaid and unarticulated feeling to his/her dad. On this glorious occasion, most families indulge in activities that make the boss of the family feel special and elated. While organizing a surprise party have been clichéd activity, this Father's Day, indulge in something new and refreshing. Instead following the usual customary practice, surprise your dad with something that he would not have ever expected. In the following lines, we have mentioned some unique activities that you and your dad can indulge in, on Father's Day.

Father Day Activity Ideas

Weekend Getaway
How about gifting a weekend getaway? Send your dad, along with your mom, to one of his favorite destinations, where both can relax and rejuvenate themselves. It would be a nice way of rekindling love and passion between them. Make sure you book everything is done much in advance - right from traveling tickets, to hotel reservation, and so on.

Sports Tournament/ Rock Concert
In case, your dad is a sports freak or an earnest fan of music, taking him to a sports tournament or rock concert would be a great way to make Father's Day extremely special. Burdened with responsibilities and duties, most dads forget about the absence of entertainment and leisure in their life. Get passes and accompany your dad to his favorite sports tournament or rock band show.

Day at Golf Course
With so many things to take care of, there is practically little or no time left for fathers to indulge in recreation. So, a special holiday on Father's Day, gives you the perfect chance to let your dad relax and indulge in his favorite pastime and hobbies. Most dads love to play golf. If your dad is one amongst them, the ideal option would be to spend the day, playing golf with him.

A great option would be to go for a picnic to your dad's favorite resort or beach. For arranging a picnic, you need to plan much in advance. Inform all the people you want to invite for the picnic a week before. Assign each one what he/she has to get - food stuffs, cards, board games, tent, water, and so on. Your dad is surely going to love spend this special day amidst his favorite people.

Family Reunion
With life getting more and more hectic, most of you would agree that there is no time to talk and share feelings with immediate family members, leave about relatives and friends. In case your dad is in a similar situation, it would be great to organize a family reunion on Father's Day. Call all your family members and relatives. Prepare your dad's favorite food, song and also get some entertainment in the party.

Another good option would be to take your dad for a latest movie. Most of the fathers have no time to catch up on a movie. So, make the most of the special day like this. However, make sure you book the tickets much in advance as theatres are always full on a holiday.