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Handmade gifts make one feel special and loved. This Father's Day, make your father feel special by presenting him some homemade gifts.

Homemade Father's Day Gift Ideas

One's father is the foundation base of his character and morals. A father is someone who nurtures his kid with lots of love and kindness. He enjoys watching him grow up and step in his shoes. As his guardian and protective angel, he paves smooth ways for his future and tries to protect him from all the worries and problems of future beforehand. On an occasion like father's day it becomes someone's responsibility to thank his father for all the love and kindness he has bestowed upon him and there could be nothing better than a handmade gift for this occasion.

Though the task is a little time taking, it becomes worthwhile when it brings a proud and contented smile on your father's face. Make sure whatever you make is of some use in your father's life, so that whenever he uses it, he is filled with the same feeling of love and affection for you. Take out a little time on Sunday morning and make a beautiful and useful gift for your father from your hands with lots of zeal and a lot of love. If you are not getting, what all can you make, we are here with several options. Read on�

Handmade Gift Ideas For Father Day

Thank You Card
The most important gift would be your 'thank you card'. Express what you feel for him. Make a beautiful card with a father holding a son's hand and telling him how to walk. Thank your father for teaching you the basics of life, say him that he is the 'best daddy' in the world.

Gift Basket
Buy chocolates, wafers and wine. Design a Gift basket using a wooden basket, ribbons and flowers. Hand it over to your father along with the 'THANK YOU' card.

Cigarette Case
It is very easy to design a wooden cigarette case. If your father loves cigarettes, gift your father with some imported cigarettes packed in your hand made case. Pack it in classy way; your father would simply love it.

Framed Poem
If possible write an ode to your father and get it framed. Gift this to you father but if you are not so good with words, get a very nice poem about father-son/daughter relationship and frame it a classy wooden fame made by you yourself.

Personalized Pillow Cover
You can also make a pillow cover to you father with a tag ' to the best daddy in the world'. Every night your father will go to bed, he would be touched by your sweet gesture.

Self Edited Video
Take out some old videos and photos of you and your father and edit it one on movie maker or adobe primer. Gift it you father and see how nostalgic he gets.