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The gifts that dad receives from his children have their own charm and significance. Learn about father's day gift ideas for kids, in the article.

Kids Gift Ideas

Father's Day is a festive occasion for fathers and their children alike. On the day, the little ones would love to indulge themselves in making greetings and other items, in order to express their innocent love and genuine feelings for their dad. Innocent love of the little ones reflects in every gift they bestow upon their father, no matter whether the item is handmade or purchased. This is the reason why dads always look forward to receiving cute gifts from their kids, on Father's Day. If you are also planning to present an attractive gift to your daddy, then go through the following lines and check out some ideas.

Father's Day Gift Ideas For Children

Sweet Jar
Fill a crystal glass jar with sweet treats, such as cookies, candy canes and chocolate bars. Insert a note in the jar reading 'Happy Father's Day', before sealing it with the lid. Your dad would love to share the sweet treats inside the gifted jar with you, on Father's Day.

Greeting Card
No matter how you draw or write, your dad will definitely appreciate you, if you make a greeting card for him. Paste a photograph of your dad on the front cover, with a caption 'Dad, you are the best!' Inside the card, write down few lines about him (you may write a quote about Father's Day). Add glitters to the card, to make it look attractive.

Pen is an inevitable part in the list of must-have stationary items. Present him a lovely pen, on this Father's Day. You may choose a roller ball, gel pen, ball point or a fountain pen. Royal blue would be the best color for the ink. Ensure that you keep the pen inside a pen case.

Make a bouquet of assorted flowers for your dad. You may choose a few roses (single color) and complement them with white filler flowers. Get the bouquet done a night before Father's Day. He would be surprised to receive a lovely bouquet from you, on the auspicious day.

Candy Bars Gift Basket
Purchase a wicket basket from the market. Line the interiors of the basket with napkins. Now, place an assortment of candy bars inside the basket. Insert a 'best wishes' note in the basket. Seal the basket with colorful cellophane paper and wrap a satin ribbon around it. Your Father's Day gift is ready!

Key Ring
You may present your daddy a personalized key ring, such as, engraved crystal key rings on Father's Day. Wooden key rings with the initial of name are widely popular. Double valet key ring is a good choice as well.

Slogan T-shirt
Express your deep felt emotions to your father through a slogan t-shirt. Purchase a plain t-shirt. Get a funny Father's Day quote or a slogan printed on the cloth. Gift-wrap the custom t-shirt and present it to your dad. Ensure that the size of the t-shirt you have chosen fits him comfortably.

Treasure Box
A fun way to greet your dad on Father's Day is to present him a treasure box, in which he could store all the keepsakes and other collectibles. If he is fond of storing his 'treasures', then this gift would be the best bet. A mid-size treasure box will be suitable for him.

Coffee Mug
Purchase a coffee mug with zodiac sign, for your dad on Father's Day. Fill the mug with roasted coffee beans, which are easily available in the market. Or else, you may fill the mug with freshly ground coffee. He would remember you, every time he sips a cup of coffee.