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If you want to make a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your dad, then read the article. Check out the popular flowers for Father's Day, in the article.

Father's Day Flowers

Choosing flowers for Father's Day can be an intimidating task, because the choice is wide. In addition, you have to keep in mind the availability of flowers, because flowers put on sale during off-season can be a bit expensive. However, when it comes to choosing the flowers for your dad on the occasion, you may shortlist rose, lily, chrysanthemum, sunflower, tulips and orchid, because they are considered the popular choice. In addition, bright and aggressive colors like yellows, purples, oranges and red can impress your daddy. If you are looking for some ideas for arranging a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your father, then go through the following lines.

Popular Flowers For Father Day

Lilies have the ability to convey everything that is in your mind. Moreover, lily is the traditional flower for Father's Day. Hence, it makes an important addition in the list of flowers for the occasion. You may a white or lilac colored lily for presenting your dad on the day.

Rose is regarded as the flower for every ceremonious occasion. In case of Father's Day, the best bet would be to choose red roses. Send a hand-tied bunch of red roses to your father and convey your respect and gratitude to your father. You may also choose an assortment of pink, peach or yellow roses as well.

Red And White
A combination of red and white looks magnetically attractive. Send a bunch of red roses paired with white carnations in a wicker basket, to your dad on Father's Day. You may go the other way around as well. Since white is regarded as one of the official Father's Day flowers, go for an arrangement of white flowers with deep red carnations.

Lily And Carnations
A combination of lily and carnations would be the best bet to represent your long lasting love for your father. Arrange lily flowers with red carnations in a glass vase. Fill the gaps with dry twigs, in order to give the finishing touch. Since most men like bright colors, you may also go for orange carnations.

Blue And White
A rare combination though, blue and white flowers would look good and are perfectly suitable for sending to your dad on Father's Day. Take a wicker basket and fill it with white chrysanthemums. Now, decorate the handle of the basket with blue orchids. It is definite that your daddy would be pleased by the bouquet.

Sunflowers would brighten up the day and fill the atmosphere with its warmth. Arrange a dozen of fresh cut sunflowers in a square vase and send it to your dad, on Father's Day.

Tropical Flowers
You may assort flowers, based on a particular color scheme. The popular tropical flowers chosen for Father's Day are chrysanthemums, daisies and asters. Make an assortment of the flowers or arrange individual bouquets. The long lasting tulip is another nice option to consider.