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First father's day is a very proud moment for a man. Make this day special for the new dad by giving him some exclusive gifts.

First Father's Day Gift Ideas

Being a father is a very difficult task. It involves lots of responsibilities and duties but some how this feeling is also very contenting and mesmerizing. When a man becomes father for the first time, he becomes a very proud man. He gets his successor who will carry his name further for several generations. The feeling is so special and cherished that a man hardly gets word to express it. The first father's day is very important occasion for him as that day he stands in a league of all the responsible men who has got to shape their successor's future.

How to Celebrate First Father's Day ?
On the first father's day, a kid is himself very small to gift anything to his father, though his momma can compensate on his behalf. At this stage developing bond with the kid is most important, so the gifts should be something close to both the kid and his father. Apart from everything else, prepare a relishing dinner and cake for the new father and give him time to enjoy with his sweet baby. Though the gifts can depend upon several factors- choice of the receiver, budget, availability of material, it is always safe on such occasions to go for something that has an emotional touch. Here are few options-

Father's Day Gift Ideas For New Dad

Framed Photo of Baby and Father
Though there are several things that you can gift, there is nothing as good as a framed photo of Baby and his Poppa dear. If you can, arrange the snap of the moment when for the first time this proud father hold his baby in his arms.

Customized T-Shirt with Baby's Photo
Let him announce the world that he is a proud father now. Gift him a customized jogging T-shirt with his baby's photograph on it.

Customized Wall Paper with Baby's Handprints
You can also get a paper marked with the baby's hand and scan it to make his father's wall paper. He would simply love it.

Video of Father and his Baby
Capture some video of father and baby cuddling together. You can also include videos when father is changing his baby diapers or taking on a lawn walk. Make him nostalgic by gifting this video. He would cherish it forever.

Hammock or Porch Swing
Gift him with a hammock or porch swing. This would then become an ideal place for him to relax for his baby.

A bottle of Champagne
It is the safest gift when you can not think of anything else. Gift him with a premium quality champagne basket if he loves champagne.