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Read on to know about Easter traditions and celebration in Canada.

Easter In Canada

Easter is one of the major festivals in Canada, celebrated with great fanfare, just like other countries in the western world. In Canada, the festival falls on the first full moon after the vernal (spring) equinox. Apart from the religious observations, Easter celebrations in Canada are marked by popular traditions such as organizing Easter egg hunts, decoration of the eggs and feasting with family and friends. The air is filled with festivity, during the holiday season. The festival is very important for the Christians in the country, while the non-Christian community living there also takes part in the celebrations, thereby adding more color to the festivities. Check out the article and get interesting information on the traditions and celebrations of Easter in Canada.

Easter Celebration In Canada

Decoration Of Easter Egg
In Canada, decorating Easter eggs is usually an activity done with children at school or home. The traditional Easter egg hunts are held by community organizations. World's largest Easter egg is a product of Canada. In 1975, the Easter egg or Ukranian 'Pysanka' was constructed, in the remembrance of early Ukrainian settlements in an area east of Edmonton, the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. Due to the complicated geometry of the egg shape of Pysanka, it was very difficult to raise such a huge structure. Professor Ronald Resch, a computer scientist at the University of Utah, undertook the project of designing the egg. With his strenuous efforts, Pysanka was raised, with intricate design. The egg consisted of a huge jig-saw puzzle, with 524 star patterns and 2206 equilateral triangles.

Winter Carnival
One of the major parts of the celebrations of Easter in Canada is the winter carnival, organized in Quebec City. The Quebec City Winter Carnival in Quebec, Canada, is a prominent pre-Lent carnival. The winter-themed carnival is dependent on good snowfalls and cold weather to keep snowy ski trails in good condition and the many ice sculptures intact. Hence, instead of relying on the lunar based Easter celebration, the carnival date is fixed on the last days of January and first days of February of the solar calendar. Besides the carnival parade, the Winter Carnival features special sporting events such as skating, skiing, and tobogganing.

People in Canada eat traditional Easter lunch, after offering prayers to the Almighty. The popular dishes served on Easter in Canada, include Maple Baked Beans, Potatoes Nicoise, Cape Breton Sconces and Apple Tart. The Easter eggs are consumed with by mixing them with maple syrup, after fasting is over. Most of the theatres of community halls of the major cities of Canada are booked in advance, to organize Easter plays and songs, during the festive season. Easter symbols including 'Pussy Willows', Easter lilies and bunnies find a prominent place in the traditions of the festival followed in the country.