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Read on to know about Easter traditions and celebration in Australia.

Easter In Australia

The island nation of Australia celebrates Easter with great fanfare and traditional fervor. Being a land of aboriginal tribes and exotic animals, Australia celebrates Easter by imbibing its unique native elements. The Christian churches in the country follow the Easter Christian Calendar to celebrate the festival, which begins with Shrove Tuesday and ends with Whitsun (or Pentecost), which is 50 days after Easter Sunday. Good Friday is a day of mourning. On Easter Sunday, churches are bedecked with flowers, to commemorate the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. Explore information on the traditions and celebration of Easter in Australia, in the article.

Easter Celebration In Australia

Chocolate Easter Eggs
Chocolate Easter eggs and other traditional Easter confectionary have become an important part of Easter celebrations in Australia. During the festive season of Easter, many organizations take the opportunity to raise funds by selling tickets in raffles for baskets of Easter eggs. Beautifully decorated eggs are put on sale. On the other hand, you can also find people decorating Easter eggs beautifully, with the help of colorful paints. Making chocolate Easter eggs is one of the traditions of the Aussies. Many families arrange Easter egg hunt competitions for kids, at their premises.

Easter Bunny
The legend of Easter bunny is very much an integral part of Easter in Australia. On Easter morning, the bunny 'delivers' chocolate Easter eggs to children. However, since rabbits are unpopular among the locals, because of the damage they do to agricultural crops, in 1991 a campaign was started by the Anti-Rabbit Research Foundation, to replace the Easter Bunny with the Easter Bilby (an endangered native species). The bilby is a small rodent with a long nose and has rabbit-like long ears.

Sydney Royal Easter Show
The Sydney Royal Easter Show is Australia's largest annual event. It showcases the rich Australian heritage, ranging from bushman culture to the urban city life. It takes place annually, at Sydney Olympic Park for over a two week period, which includes the Easter long weekend. The show is a reflection of rural Australia with rural and farming communities exhibit their livestock and produce.

Other Events
There are many festivals held over the Easter holiday in Australia, apart from Sidney Royal Easter Show. Performers and audiences travel long distances to attend music festivals including the National Folk Festival in Canberra, the East Coast International Blues & Roots Festival at Byron Bay in northern New South Wales, and the Australian Gospel Music Festival in Toowoomba in Queensland. By walking along the streets of the wonderful city of Sidney, you will get to see colorful gift galleries with the latest stock of presents for Easter and relish on the amazing food. So, next time you visit Australia, be sure to witness the festivities of Easter there.